Exercise Combo!

Here’s another exercise combo!

Let’s do 20 jumping jacks followed by 20 crunches. Repeat that cycle a total of 5 times. That means you did 100 repetitions of each!

Check out the videos for any help with technique.


School and Exercise

School will be back in session soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get quality exercise in everyday.

In addition to your activity class during the day, you can always go outside, play sports, or go for a walk after school is over.

Think of all the opportunities you have to be active during your school day.

Just don’t forget to do your homework!!!


This Move will Help Build Abdominal Strength

Watch this video to learn how to do Crunches

Be sure to find a soft piece of floor!


Slowly but Surely - Here’s Another Video

Here’s how to do High Knees!

It’s sure to get your heart rate up!


Squats Video

Any questions on the squat technique?

Check out this video for any help you might need!


Jumping Jacks Video

Any questions on the jumping jacks technique?

Check out this video for any help you might need!


Tommy Turtle in the Daily Oklahoman


Follow the link to read a great Saturday write-up by John Williams.


Eric and Tommy Turtle at the OKC Zoo

On Saturday July 25, from 8am-noon, Eric will be attending the Animal Author Expo at the Oklahoma City Zoo to promote his book “Tommy Turtle: Exercise is Fun.”

Setup right inside the front gates, come by to see Eric, buy a copy of the book, or get your copy signed (if you haven’t already).

The weather should be great and don’t forget about the animals! See you this weekend!


What’s Your Favorite Juice?

There are many fruit juices to choose from - Apple, Orange, Cranberry, Grape, etc.

Which one is your favorite?

Fruit juice is a great way to get your fruit servings for the day, and they taste great! So, instead of drinking a soft drink, grab your favorite fruit juice!


Running in Place

Let’s do a Running in Place workout!

Find a watch or a clock with a second hand. We will used these to keep track of our time during the exercise.

Here’s the challenge:
1. For 1 minute - run in place at a very easy pace (more of a jog, for warm up)
2. For 30 seconds - run in place at a very fast pace (try to get your heart rate up)
3. For 30 seconds - run in place at a very easy pace (more of a jog)
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for a total of 5 minutes - if that’s too easy, try 10 minutes.

Good Luck! You’ll be running faster in no time!


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